Why Concrete Pools?


With most pools using D12 reinforcement steel and minimum 25MPA shotcrete these pools are built tough and will outlast all other types of pool.

They can be built anywhere
We have built pools on the top of cliff faces and upper levels of apartment blocks.  No matter how difficult the access there are no limits to where we can build.

Custom built in any shape or design
Concrete pools are all custom built to fit with your landscape and needs. There is no pool too small or too big that we can’t build.

The strength of materials used in these pools mean that the core shell of the pool will have minimal wear over time, with the ability to renovate the cosmetic surface and reinvent the style of your pool if you choose.

Longest life expectancy of pool types
Over the years, we have been called upon to rectify structural damages to fibreglass pools, as once damaged they are often irreparable and unable to remain a fibreglass pool. We use a system where we spray a concrete shell inside the fibreglass pool and give the owners a brand new concrete pool that will withstand the test of time.

High quality
With extensive options for tile and plaster finishes you can choose any combination to create something that is high end and luxurious, or cost effective and simple.

Pools for both salt water and chlorinated water
We offer the flexibility for you to choose any type of water sanitation we can cater for salt water or chlorine options, or something more unique.  We can talk you through these choices to find the best option to match your needs.

This was an old rubber liner pool where the owners were sick of fixing patches and repairing rips in the lining.
They called us in to install a durable concrete pool which will last them a lifetime.

Concrete Pool Installations
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