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Constructing a pool in Mt Eden is no easy task, as the ground is laden with big volcanic boulders. With the help of some big machinery and brute force we built a beautiful pool for this awesome family using Pebbletech Platinum Black Pearl and customising with a grey background.

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This was an extensive renovation with many moving parts. It was a joy to give the clients what they really wanted, which incorporated Pebbletech Fina Carribean Blue with clear mosaic tiles.

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This pool was plastered in a custom full glass bead plaster.  The clients chose the individual colours that were added to the plaster, this turned out to be a great pool with a great look.

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This oasis was made with a custom Pebbletech Platinum finish, bringing the tropics to our clients back yard. They loved the result!

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We were contracted to design and build this beautiful pool with a 360 degree vanishing infinity edge and hidden catchment.  This gives it seamless lines and an inviting look.  It was plastered in Pebbletech Fina Grigio.

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The clients loved this pool, it had a fresh look combining Paradise Blue Pebbletech Fina and multi coloured glass tiles.

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The owners rebuilt their home with a classic look and real attention to detail.  The same goes for the pool, which has timber grain tiles and Pebbletech Fina Grigio plaster.

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This pool was plastered in Reef Pearl Pebbletech Fina and has a hidden cover pit at one end.

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This pool is 11x4m with a 2x2m spa pool, plastered in Carribean Blue Pebbletech Fina with classic white mosaic tiles.